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Your worries end here! Swadesh shall take on end-to-end responsibility. The right design, designed right!

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Our robust processes and systems ensure that your Solar Rooftop Solution is of top-notch quality!

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Going Solar means becoming energy self-reliant! What’s more, you can even power more your home than by feeding power back to the grid. You can bring it back when required.

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Rooftop Solar is a smart investment. Slash your electricity bills or reduce your power back-up costs.

Heal the World

Sunshine is free and forever! It’s a clean, green and sustainable solution for your power needs!

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Our expertise includes key components of Solar Power System.


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Samal Fuel Station


Shree Guru Filling Center


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I applied for the Grid connection since last 5 months but not yet received the facility at my RO. So I was quite worried about and thought of buying a Diesel Generator set to start the operation but again thought it will be a costly affair because day to day operational expenditure will be more. And there was lot of pressure from IOCL official to start the operation so, I was worried. Then if I am not wrong in the mid of April Sameer, Marketing person from Swadesh Infra called me and explained me about the benefit of using Solar, at that time he has no idea of my RO is not under operation because of unavailability of power. So, I told him about the unavailability, so he suggested Solar will be best Solution for you. So I go for it and now I am really satisfied with the service they delivered and of course I am enjoying my business through Solar energy.
From the DESK of RO
From the DESK of RO, OWNER
Actually there was frequent power cut in my area for that I used to use Diesel for my generator but at the end of the month when I checked found that I have already spent INR 6500 in diesel. So in total INR 6500 in Diesel and Electricity bill of INR 7500, I have already spent 14000/- towards energy consumption. So I thought of a solution to reduce my electricity bill and to lowering down the Diesel burning So thought of going for Solar. Now after installation I can feel the difference my electricity bill is now reduced almost 3500 to 4000 in a month and my diesel expenditure almost nullified or hardly 500 to 1000 rupees in a Month. I am really happy with the solar system. I also advice my other fuel station owners to adopt the Solar system it is really very beneficial.
Dinesh Shukla
Review by Dinesh Shukla, owner of Shree Guru Filling Center, Chakulia
Solar Basics

A popular power system captures radiant light from the sun and converts into clean electrical energy that can be used to power homes, businesses and machinery.

Solar Benefits

Generate your own electricity, use it and store it! Use the electricity generated through solar panels can power your homes as well as an alternate source.

Installation Checklist

From shading analysis to maintenance, a summary of all to keep in mind related to solar rooftop installation. 

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A one step information gateway to know what solar power is all about, alleviating the myths and explaining how it is relevant to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Think solar is complicated? Don't worry, one is bound to have doubts. Here is our attempt to alleviate some of them.

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A glimpse into the projects done by Swadesh in the remote concerns of the country highlighting the product expertise and installation capability.  

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